Information – Smear Free Cloth

An environmentally friendly cloth using water to clean without streaks or spots. No polishing or use of paper towel.

The Smear Free Cloth has the perfect weight rating for durability and ease of wringing. By design these cloths require a minimal amount of water for effective cleaning. All surfaces will be cleaned more effectively without chemicals, soap or ordinary cloths.

They will hold 7 times their weight in water offering an excellent alternative to the leather chamois.

Regular cloths tend to push dirt and dust thus leaving residue on the surfaces you are attempting to clean.
A perfect gift for family and friends that will reduce cleaning time by half.


How it works:

Smear Free Cloth fibers are made from Polyester and Polyamide.

Each fiber is a virtual lint free special fine yarn, approximately 200 times thinner than a human hair. These fibers are compressed together creating millions of cavities that grab and hold dirt until released by rinsing.

     Ordinary Fiber

The wedge-shaped polyester cross section shown, together with the core nylon fits the surface of any object and efficiently gathers dirt and dust. This is known as the magnet effect.

Simplistically millions of tiny ‘scoops’ pull dirt and dust into the cloth’s cavities, where they remain until rinsed away. This is the secret of the cloth’s incredible cleaning ability, resulting in a clean, streak free surface. Using water emulsifies dirt & dust making it easy for the fiber cloth to pick up.

The cloths design allows a quicker drying time eliminating the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths.


Before first use, rinse and wring with water several times to remove manufacturing residue. Always use slightly damp, never dry. Machine wash with bleach or detergent. Air dry only. Do not use fabric softener or wash with towels.


Car, Truck, Boat, Home, Motorcycle, Sports Equipment, RV & Business

Use on:

Stainless & Black Appliances, Sinks, Windows, Mirrors, Glass, Crystal, TV/Computer Screens, Eye/Sunglasses, Chrome, Car Body & Windshield, Granite, Marble, Shower Doors & Tiles, Faucets, Laminate & Wood Floors


Bacteria, Bugs, Dirt, Dust, Fingerprints, Grease, Hairspray, Nicotine, Soap Scum, Toothpaste and so much more.