Information – Nonstick BBQ Mat

A revolutionary, safe, reusable, flame resistant, mat, designed to sit on any gas, electric or charcoal BBQ to achieve perfect grilling.

Converts your grill to a non stick surface that will cook food evenly with no flare ups, eliminating messy grill clean up.

An easy clean surface that will cook food evenly.


Wash thoroughly before first useBBQ 1

Place mat directly on the grill

Mat measures 15.75″ x 13″ and can be cut to fit any grill.

Avoid using metal utensils

Leave 10% of your grill uncovered to facilitate perfect grilling.

May also be used to line conventional ovens or baking pans

Clean mat with warm soapy water or in dishwasher


Chicken, steak, burgers, ribs, vegetables, bacon, eggs, fish, kabobs and pancakes directly on the grill. Tastier, juicier results, maintaining flavor and grill sear marks without sticking.


PTFE coated mat (No PFOA)

Withstands temperatures up to 500º F