FAQ – Smear Free Cloth

Q Is the Smear Free Cloth like the ShamWow.

A Absolutely not. The ShamWow is designed to absorb water (12 times its own weight). The Smear Free Cloth is a cleaning cloth designed to clean all surfaces efficiently, safely and without damage and will dry without smears, spots or streaks. It will however pick up 7 times its own weight in dirt and fluid. The user therefore gets the best of both products.

Q Can my Smear Free Cloth go in the washing machineSFC 12

A Yes, wash with ordinary detergent but do not use fabric softener or the dryer, simply Air-dry.
Q Why is my Smear Free Cloth leaving smears

A This is the manufacturing residue. Rinse and wring the cloth several times to remove residue. This will stop the smears, I promise.

Q Can I use my Smear Free Cloth on the carpet.

A Certainly, your cloth will remove many set in stains with just water.

Q My Smear Free Cloth is stained, is it still as effective

A Absolutely, you can wash in a bowl with hand soap and diluted bleach solution.SFC 15

   Q Do I need household cleaner for wiping down furniture

   A No, cleaners are not required, just water