FAQ – Useal Stix

Q : How do I use the Seal Sticks?

A : Simply fold the emptied part of the bag 180 degrees and slide the inner yellow nipple under the fold and the other coloured part of the Seal Stick on top of the fold.  Be sure to fit the 2 parts of the folded bag into the slot and slide the Useal Stix across the bag.

Q Are the Useal Stix reusableUS 4

A Yes, occasionally wash in warm soapy water

Q Will they seal my frozen vegetables

A Absolutely, they will seal pre-packaged  and poly bags containing your vegetables

Q Will they keep everything fresh

A Yes, any food that will stay fresh by resealing airtight.

Q Can I keep my salad items separate

A Yes use multiple Useal Stix to separate your items and when ready remove the stix and mix your salad