Testimonials – Smear Free Cloth

Dear Stewart,

My husband and I purchased two of the miracle cloths at St George Apple Festival earlier in the fall.
I was sceptical of how amazing it could really be so we purchased only one package and not the special that you were offering. I must say that both my husband and I are totally amazed at the product and both use it for everything cleanable.
I have never had such sparkling clean windows and mirrors and appliances as I do now without putting any effort into cleaning it. I should have known about this product 40 years ago…..and
you just use good old water to clean.
I have shown so many people what the cloth is capable of doing and they too are amazed.
My problem is that I don’t have enough cloths for all the different jobs that need to get done
so am needing many more. I think that they will be a fantastic Christmas gift that just keeps
on cleaning effortlessly. You sold me on their capability.
Thank-you for being there that Saturday….
I am now a believer in what this little cloth can do.
Bill & Lee MSFC 1

Hello Stewart, my friend and I were at the Festival of Friends in Simcoe when you gave us a demonstration of the cloths. You gave us a great deal so we got 3 each. I have to tell you that I love these cloths and I can’t imagine not having them around the house. It’s so nice to have something to use on my expensive 3D TV and our computer screens that will not damage them. I have big dogs and they sit in my windows to look outside. I end up having dried slobber all over my windows. It’s  unbelievable how easy the dried slobber wipes off. When I used Windex and paper towels I had to spray a ton on the window and scrub really hard for a long time. The part I love most is using just plain simple water. I show them to everyone.

I still have them all and they are still in excellent condition. As a matter of fact I still have one that I haven’t even used yet as the two I am using are still in excellent shape. I wanted a few more to use on our car windows and some other things outside. I don’t want to use the household ones outside. I just went to your website and placed an order. I was wondering how long it would take to receive them? I live in Port xx, ON.
It’s the first time I have purchased something that does exactly what it claims to.

Thank you, Eileen

Just a note to say I’m very impressed with the Smear Free Cloth.

As soon as I got home I cleaned some of my windows and mirrors, the cloth works just as advertised.
I would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks for introducing me to this time-saving wonder.

Hi Stewart,

I bought two smear free cloths from you at St. Jacobs Market in the
summer and love them. I have just ordered two more from the e-store
and will send a cheque in the mail tomorrow. They are great cloths.
I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen and now my husband
wants them for the cars. Must be good if he is impressed!!!
All the best,
Alison W

Hi Stewart,

My mom told me about your merchandise few months back, she got the cloths at an event.
I love them very much and I will definitely promote the product.
I already gave two to both of my sisters to try.
Thank you again and I look forward to doing business with you again.


SFC 13

Recently I was in Ontario and my friend gave me your    product.
I really like it and would like more to give as Christmas gifts.
Any place in B.C. where I can get them?
Bonnie R

Hi Stewart,

I had purchased 2 of those amazing cloths from you at Apple fest in St. George.
I am having a great time cleaning!! Oh, do you still have your accent?
Kind regards,
Diane M

Love this cloth. My Daughters purchased packet of 8 at a Fall Fair two weeks ago.

They gave me one to try, as I always get streaks on my glass front door, but no more, the cloth is amazing.
Thank you,

Hi Stewart, We live in Ottawa and bought some of your cloths about a year or so ago when we were visiting friends who live in Guelph. We bought them from you at a farmer’s market…can’t remember the name of it. In any case, the cloths are fantastic and I would like to buy a few more. Wondering if it’s possible to do it on-line or over the phone? Let me know.

Thanks! Candy K

Stewart, I had my friend call to tell me your cloths work like magic on stainless steel appliances. She has used every cleaner known to man and nothing worked without leaving streaks before. Needless to say, she was delighted. She wants to buy more when you get back here, for gifts, etc..