Testimonials – Nonstick BBQ Mat

Hi Stewart

We just bought the BBQ mat from you on Sunday this product is amazing, we did steaks and now burgers both turned out amazing, I’m telling everyone. Food was juicy and the mat was so easy to clean. Only thing is not the best idea to use a steal spatula, can mark up the mat. Good news is we want to get a few more, will you be at the the market this Sunday. I will send send friends and relatives


Edward & Micheline

Frankly I am surprised at how great this is. If you have a single bowl kitchen sink cleaning is easy. I used it for grilled veggies, grilled chicken, and grilled sliced tomatoes. You must try caramelized onions, fantastic

K & J

The Nonstick BBQ Mat is everything you said it was. The first thing we tried on the mat was N.Y. Strip Steaks. My husband was really pleased with product because his steak was done to perfection ( rare, juicy & complete with the “grill lines). Clean up is a breeze, brush off the crusty spots put it in hot soapy water & your ready to grill again.


I grill all the time, after buying a Nonstick BBQ Mat I grilled some marinated vegetables, OMG!!! They were so good. Then I did shrimp, and fish. Salmon which I had marinated.. The marinade stays on the salmon and crystallizes.  Highly recommended.


We love our new Grilling Mat; My husband grills a lot, and, it has made such a wonderful difference in how food cooks on the BBQ 5Grill. Nothing falls into the coals, and, our food is protected from most of the Carcinogens that are harmful to our health. What a great find!

Thank you


I never liked grilling because I don’t like to overcook steak, I don’t like the problems of flare ups,food falling through the cracks and food sticking.  The Nonstick BBQ Mat solves all these problems, yet still gives the look and taste of grilling.


Its great, how have I grilled without this! Cooks food evenly and leaves the grill marks on the food. But the best thing is that it keeps the grill clean. No more brushing the grill clean, just wipe them clean. Its easy to clean with soap and water. I have noticed at times it gets a little sticky even after washing, so I use a degreaser, let it soak awhile and it cleans up great. You have to try this!

Dave R

This is an excellent product. It makes cooking on the grill so much easier and cleaner. I am going to order two more for family members who saw it and wanted one for themselves.


Although we only started using our Nonstick BBQ Mat recently, we really love it. Food doesn’t stick and it cleans very easily.


I cooked rib eye steaks and they came out very good and juicy. I just need to remember next time to adjust cooking time to the lower temperature.