Our Company owner, and my partner, Stewart, has been in this business developing and selling various products over the past 17 years including The Slinky Water Jet and WOW Wireless Headsets.

He has known the distributor of the Kaywos & Zap Cloth for many years, but because of other commitments declined the invitation of being involved with these remarkable products.

In 2009, when Stewart was persuaded to bring home this Cloth for testing, he was very excited to convince me of its remarkable abilities. Using just water, he cleaned every mirror, window and glass doors in the home. That was it, no more household cleaning products to buy, I was wowed and the decision was made for us to get involved. We now sing its praises to all.

Our enthusiasm continued to grow whilst listening to the testimonials and accolades of this remarkable cloth from both new and returning customers.

So the Smear Free Cloth was born for the Canadian market, but every bit the original USA manufactured cloth.

We are constantly looking for complementary products to our cloth and although there are many so called easy to use, useful gadgets and widgets we only recommend those that we have tested and use ourselves.

Next came the Icky Pad the perfect automotive accessory, an anti slip dashboard pad that holds all your small personal items. We use this remarkable item for our sunglasses, what a relief to know where they are and confident that they will not get scratched sliding round the dash.

In 2013 we tested what we call the Nonstick BBQ Mat, we were at a Public Beach and using this incredible mat did wonders for cleanliness but more over it performed its cooking duties to perfection.

It is a safe, reusable, flame resistant mat that converts any grill to a non stick surface that cooks  all foods evenly with no flare ups or loss of food through the grill bars. Equally good is that you clean the mat with warm soapy water.

With 3 excellent products for sale we decided we had to capture the right theme for our online store, hence our web site Easy Living Marketplace evolved, an online store for  easy to use, simple but effective products offered at affordable rates.

Our forth product to date is our Useal Stix, a simple, easy to use  bag sealing stick that will seal air and watertight all pre-packaged and poly bags alike. An excellent, quick effective solution to keep food fresh longer.

Thank you for your visit and trust our products will excite, as well as make your life easier. Please enjoy your visit and at your convenience kindly leave your comments within this site, on Facebook or Twitter. Your recommendation is the best we could ask.

Colleen Haylock